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It was that time of day were you weren't sure whether you were having fun or not. It was lunch time and the people serving the buffet were AJ, Brandon, Mateo, Alfonso, Paul-Emile and Katsu
“Hmmm….. I think it might be safer to eat raw fish out of the lake for this meal.” I thought to myself. When the teachers said that we could queue up for lunch I stayed where I sat and watched as the entire houseboat broke into chaos. People pushed, ran and shouted to get a spot in line. Jeez, it was like watching a revolution of hundreds of hungry peasants trying to overthrow the government. In this case it was about 35 kids trying to get a line in the buffet both of which sound like situations that I wouldn’t want to find myself stuck in….. Hmmm, tough choice! Once most people had gotten their food and settled down I finally got up and went to the back of the line. As I got closer and looked at what was being served what caught my eye the most was what Brandon was serving. I was really stumped on what that was and by the look at the tray which contained it I could see barely anyone had taken any. To answer my question what it was he started to sing a song about it to try and get people to want a portion
“C’mon and get some of my fried chick’n baked beans-”
Wait….. Did he just say fried chicken and baked beans??? Now if that was the only option the raw fish idea would of really started to sound tempting! Apparently his song only brought opposite effect and it had gotten to the point where when Alice wasn’t fully paying attention he dumped a portion onto her plate.
(Look at blue circle)
It didn’t take 5 seconds for her to notice and her reaction to Brandon was like watching the running of the bulls. With 2 people after Alice declining his stupid baked beans and fried chicken Brandon basically lost it.
“WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WANT MY $@#’N BAKED BEANS AND FRIED CHICKEN!!??? IT’S YUMMY!!!!!!” and then proceeded to slam down the metal serving spoons and pretend to climb over the edge of the house boat. When it finally had gotten to me, his last person to have a chance serving he looked at me with sadness
“Baxter. Do you love me.”
“Hmmm…. That’s depending what you’re thinking of doing with that baked beans and fried chicken mate.”
Even though I already had a parasite which caused pain every time I ate especially the sketchy things I smiled at him and told him I will have a portion.
“SEE! HE UNDERSTANDS IT!” Shouted Brandon in triumph to Alice and a few other people.

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