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The Trek to the falls


sunny 29 °C

Getting of the boat for our first trek.
Even before the trek has properly started we are already seeing beautiful and majestic sights
The guid is telling us more and more about the rainforest and its origins
We also get the chance to capture and learn about the scenery and the rainforest
And finally after 30 minutes we finally reached the falls
Overall as our first trek even though it was only 40 minutes I felt privileged and quite lucky to be able to see and learn all the things from this trek. I also had a lot of fun with it and was glad to be able toe experience it with my friends.

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'Everything tastes like chicken but the chicken'


sunny 29 °C

It was that time of day were you weren't sure whether you were having fun or not. It was lunch time and the people serving the buffet were AJ, Brandon, Mateo, Alfonso, Paul-Emile and Katsu
“Hmmm….. I think it might be safer to eat raw fish out of the lake for this meal.” I thought to myself. When the teachers said that we could queue up for lunch I stayed where I sat and watched as the entire houseboat broke into chaos. People pushed, ran and shouted to get a spot in line. Jeez, it was like watching a revolution of hundreds of hungry peasants trying to overthrow the government. In this case it was about 35 kids trying to get a line in the buffet both of which sound like situations that I wouldn’t want to find myself stuck in….. Hmmm, tough choice! Once most people had gotten their food and settled down I finally got up and went to the back of the line. As I got closer and looked at what was being served what caught my eye the most was what Brandon was serving. I was really stumped on what that was and by the look at the tray which contained it I could see barely anyone had taken any. To answer my question what it was he started to sing a song about it to try and get people to want a portion
“C’mon and get some of my fried chick’n baked beans-”
Wait….. Did he just say fried chicken and baked beans??? Now if that was the only option the raw fish idea would of really started to sound tempting! Apparently his song only brought opposite effect and it had gotten to the point where when Alice wasn’t fully paying attention he dumped a portion onto her plate.
(Look at blue circle)
It didn’t take 5 seconds for her to notice and her reaction to Brandon was like watching the running of the bulls. With 2 people after Alice declining his stupid baked beans and fried chicken Brandon basically lost it.
“WHY DOESN’T ANYONE WANT MY $@#’N BAKED BEANS AND FRIED CHICKEN!!??? IT’S YUMMY!!!!!!” and then proceeded to slam down the metal serving spoons and pretend to climb over the edge of the house boat. When it finally had gotten to me, his last person to have a chance serving he looked at me with sadness
“Baxter. Do you love me.”
“Hmmm…. That’s depending what you’re thinking of doing with that baked beans and fried chicken mate.”
Even though I already had a parasite which caused pain every time I ate especially the sketchy things I smiled at him and told him I will have a portion.
“SEE! HE UNDERSTANDS IT!” Shouted Brandon in triumph to Alice and a few other people.

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Beware the leeches


Scorching heat from the sun above
To shield our skin we apply sun screen
Feeling overloaded, hot and stuffy like an old rubber glove
Beware the leeches that make kids scream
Water, mud, slipping and sliding
Even the most posh couldn’t keep their tidy
Stumbling through grass, trees and weed
Beware the leeches that make kids bleed

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The Amazing comeback of the raft race

Sports Report

overcast 25 °C

The wind is wild, I can see grey clouds creeping over the mountains and hearing thunder in the distance. We just came back from a tour on motor boats and learning a bit more about the river and seeing the dam and we are still wet from the rain which we then managed to eventually escape thanks to the high speed of the motor boats, but we could see that the clouds were beginning to catch up to us. I’m standing on the edge of the houseboat with the rest of my team. We are about to start the raft racing relay. There are four teams of 10 (In our case my group only had 9) The first half of each team would have to quickly get on rafts of bamboo and paddle with cut out bamboo paddles to a beach about 250 meters away. Once a team's boat has touched the beach one person would have to quickly get out collect a rock and the team would have to bring it back. There is a prize for the winning team, a huge basket which is overflowing with enough packets of junk food and to last us ages. However with me still being a bit ill I didn’t care at all about the prize, I just wanted to win.
My team consisted of Me, Paul-Emile, Amy, Alice, Lea, Maayan, Thea (Not the one is my class), Lexa and Mr Gunputh. Having a grown man on our team this can mean an advantage but we are a team of 9 and every other team has 10 which balances it all out. The first half of our team to go will be Paul-Emile, Alice, Maayan, Thea and Mr Gunputh. They climb onto the raft, one of the tour guides holds the whistle to his mouth, there is silence, my heart is pounding and with a puff of his cheeks he blows the whistle. In less than a second after the whistle is blown people are already shouting, cheering and yelling commandments.
I join the rest of my team in shouting encouragement. After about the first 7 minutes the shouting has died down as we all watch in silence as we see the boats over time starting to become further apart. We find it hard to tell who is winning and who is closer to the beach but wait, one of the boats has reached the shore and then another and then another and then to the rest of my team’s horror we realise that the first half of our team is coming last. They finally reach the shore and collect their rock but the other teams have already started paddling back. My team is looking out at all the different teams trying to think of a strategy to be able to catch up.
As all the teams get closer I realise something. Having mr Gunputh on our team wasn’t an advantage at all, wait….. HE’S JUST SITTING THERE! As the rest of our team is paddling he is just sitting at the back holding a paddle but barely paddling. My hands tighten over the rail in anger, the rest of my team are fuming with utter shame.
Now we just have extra weight and- wait a minute….. He’s fallen off! Me and the rest of my team are shouting to just leave him! 2 teams have just reached the houseboat and are about to swap to their second half. The first half of my team leaves him there in the water and continue on. I feel pretty bad leaving him there but he is right next to one of the guides with a raft and he was doing nothing but adding dead weight. My team’s raft reaches the houseboat with heavy hearts the second half of my team: Me, Lexa, Lea and Amy quickly climb into the raft but with our raft coming last with the first half of the teams we all knew we didn’t have a chance to catch up….. But wait! The other teams have been having confusion in changing! There not that far ahead! With intimidating volume we shout in synchronisation LEFT! RIGHT! LEFT RIGHT! And are all paddling in unison
It’s working! We’re taking over! In fact we had gotten so far ahead but the currents were changing our direction….. Out to open river! We began to panic! No matter where we paddled the only difference we made was how fast we were going. The rest of my group was begging to get really scared and panicky. One of the instructors are calling to us. He’s saying to just turn our bodies around. It’s a flat raft so we do that with much ease and continue on towards the beach. Dodging the trees but managing to keep a fast pace. We reach the shore, Lexa quickly jumps out we are urging her to hurry as much as possible. We had a lead! We don’t want to lose it! She snatches a rock, quickly gets back into the boat and we turn our bodies around once again and paddle with all our might back to the house boat.
THE OTHER GROUPS HAVEN’T REACHED THE SHORE YET! We are paddling faster and faster fuelled by our determination! “LEFT!, RIGHT!, LEFT!, RIGHT!”
I make the mistake by looking at my hands. Everyone wore gloves except me and when I look at them…… OH MY GOSH THE BLISTERS! There are massive deep red marks in between my thumb and index fingers. The sharp bamboo oars were too hard on them. I wasn’t going to let this stop us! I was at the front of the raft shouting encouragement to the rest of my team paddling as fast and as hard as possible! I pictured Captain Barbossa from pirates of the caribbean shouting over my shoulder “Is that the best you got! C’mon you filthy wretchling! Paddle!” I was paddling harder and harder. My lungs felt like they were going to burst, my shoulders ached, my hands…. MY HANDS WERE BURNING!
We’re so close! And the other teams are far behind! We gave no mercy. The rest of my team were getting really tired and painful. I continued to encourage them! Give them hope, tell them how they were about to achieve the ultimate comeback! Soooo close! And…… WE MADE IT! WE MANAGED TO COME FROM LAST TO FIRST BY A LONG SHOT! WE PULLED WHAT WE THOUGHT WAS THE IMPOSSIBLE COMEBACK!
The rest of my team celebrated and made a grab for what junk basket they wanted. I wasn’t taking a single nibble from that basket. I’m just so glad that even with me still feeling ill I managed to power through and not let my team down. I could not of been more proud of myself during this CEW. I was starting to feel many of the side effects from my parasite after pushing myself so hard. So I just sat down for the rest of the day and relaxed. This truly was a fantastic unpredictable race and a glorious comeback and victory.

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The Start Of A Journey

Critical Review

31 °C

With the many things that happened on CEW that are worth mentioning the journey itself to get to the houseboats to many was considered a big part of CEW. It began with us having to meet at Terminal 2 of Changi airport at 7 am. We were tired but also excited and slightly anxious to start our journey.
I wasn’t able to tell what some people were personally thinking but I knew I had to control my excitement and I was quite nervous for this years CEW remembering that on the last night for the previous CEW I had gotten a terrible fever and parasite. The fever had lasted a week but still do this day I feel the pain and lethargy from the parasite. We all checked through immigration and I had the “privilege” and unpleasure to get frisked due to me wearing a belt when I went through the metal detectors.
We boarded the plane and took off at 10 am. I used this time to write a few notes down in my notebook and wrote a few funny stories with drawings in them (Would go into further details but these stories were mainly about personal things or secrets). The plane ride was for only an hour and a half so we landed at 11:30. By now I was having fun being with my friends and laughing at jokes but I was beginning to feel the symptoms of the parasite. I was beginning to feel more exhausted and lethargic. My stomach was resting with a low/mild but constant ach. We had a quick lunch at a nearby Macdonalds which I didn’t eat much from due to stomach pains. I was worried at first about these symptoms but then my friends around me kept my spirits high. When it comes to feeling down or in doubt they are like the miracle pain killer that no medicine could compare.
The bus ride was probably the hardest time to stay happy and ignore the pain so for the first hour and a half I just tried to relax and listen to my music and just when I thought it was going to get worse again I had people who were willing to cheer me up.
Even though at that point for the rest of the day even friends didn’t stop the pain and discomfort I knew I will always have those who care about me.

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